Organizing Committee of China Vehicle Aftersales Congress

Congress Schedule
Day One

11TH June
General Conference

General Conferences
Specialized Exhibition
Day Two

12TH June
Parallel Conferences

Parallel I - OES Special& NEV Aftermarket Special
Parallel II - IAM Special& E-commerce Special
Specialized Exhibition
Keynote Speakers from
  • State Information Center
  • China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
  • China Automobile Dealers Association
  • China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trades Association
  • European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Shanghai Automobile Parts Trading Association
  • China Automotive Technology & Research Center
  • Geely
  • BYD
  • BAIC New Energy Vehicle
  • New Carzone
  • Harson Group
  • Cass Mall
  • KZMall
  • Man Can Do
  • Autozi
  • Suremoov
  • AutoCare
  • Bosch
  • Michelin
  • Wolk AfterSales
  • CDK Global
  • Sunshine P&C Insurance
  • Hebei Reman
  • Sihui Group
  • Part AI
  • Gather all the main stakeholders together in the China auto aftermarket including dealers, garages, OEMs, parts manufacturers, distributors, auto insurers, auto finance companies, remanufacturers, fleet company, etc. to get thorough understanding of the market
  • Discussion on status quo and future trend of OES aftermarket and IAM aftermarket and how both compete and cooperation with each other
  • Insight into OEMs’ strategic deployment in the aftermarket to grasp the great potential of China auto aftermarket business
  • Interpretation the role of diversified distributors in the China auto aftermarket and the emerging e-commerce with aftermarket development
  • Leading edge interpretation of NEV development in China and its impact to the whole aftermarket
  • Strategic cooperation between auto industry and insurance industry to get the win-win business in the auto aftermarket region
  • Insight into the latest development trend of reman in China from the perspective of both OE remanufacturers and independent remanufacturers
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Organizing Committee of China Vehicle Aftersales Congress